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5 Features every Salesforce CRM Professional should know

Counselors are an important part of any company that has a Salesforce implementation, they keep things ticking over as well as extending Salesforce CRM to include new functions and features. Being a balanced Admin that knows all of Salesforce’s features is important . One of the biggest advantages I see to knowing as many features as likely in Sales CRM is that you will use more standard functionality that now exists, rather than going down the custom route. This design is going to highlight some areas that every Salesforce . Admin should be able to perform and use, but if you can’t, don’t fear! I’m going to insert links to the relevant trailhead modules and other resources to clean up on your knowledge. Then we can just hold the secret between you and me before anybody finds out.

Custom Objects, Fields & Relationships of Salesforce CRM

In reality, Salesforce Management is simply a database with a collection of related tables, columns, and rows. Obviously, it is a lot more than this but it is necessary to learn the basics first. As well as the usual objects and fields that come with your Sales or Service cloud product. You can customize Salesforce with your own.

Recognizing the different types of relationships that link objects together. The different kinds of fields that can be used and the indications of using these are a foundation learning step.

Security Model of Salesforce CRM

The Best CRM Software security model is a bit of a monster to tame, but it combines with everything you do in Salesforce. The compact model includes characteristics like profiles, roles, permissions sets, sharing settings, field-level security, object permissions, and the list continues. Knowing each of those inside out is key to providing your user base the best user expertise and keeping your data safe.

User Management of Salesforce CRM

Being an Administrator means one of your most essential duties is making sure that all users can reach every part of Salesforce. As well as roles & profiles to check what the user can do and see, you have a lot of user-related authorities.

Page Layouts & Record Types 

A natural ancestor from learning about fields and the security model is page layouts & record types. These two characteristics are directly linked but have very many applications about when and how to use them. One of the best things you can learn about these two characteristics is when one might suit better than the other.

Reports & Dashboards 

If you are just getting to holds with Salesforce Company or are making the transformation from Salesforce power user to Admin then there’s a good chance you have had a lot of communication with Reports & Dashboards. However, if you haven’t dived into this business yet then this is a good chance to do some exploring. Reports & Dashboards are the chief end goal for some executive management teams and therefore are crucial to the business.

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