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10 Tips to make your website SEO-friendly

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the organic process of increasing the quality content and quantity of traffic to your website on search engine results-Google.SEO Optimization includes certain changes to your website design and content that make your website more attractive to users and search engines.
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Here are 10 tips to make your website SEO-friendly:

Create your website URLs user-friendly

If the URL structure of your website is not your first priority, the URL structure is still very important. Simplify your URL structure so that you have unique URLs for each page.

Avoid Duplicate Content on your website

We’ll probably never say this but duplicate content is leading SEO issues that will penalize your rankings particularly when it comes to internal duplicates. Always check for duplicate content to keep your SEO on top.

Create an XML Sitemap

The XML sitemap helps search engines to identify your website’s structure when they crawl on your website. As google crawl more data from your website, you can also recognize the pages that are the most important and valuable to you and give them more priority. For further details, meet the best SEO Company in Noida.

Make it compatible for all devices

Your website should be optimized for all types of devices that users could use so that they can enjoy a good user experience while using it. There are many tools that can help you to make a mobile-friendly website.

Use Robots.txt file

If there are pages on your website that you don’t want to be crawled in order to not waste all your crawl budget, you can use a robots.txt. It will tell the search engines about the pages that cannot be crawled.

Focus on internal linking

Internal linking helps to build page authority and allows your readers to navigate easily within your website one page to another page. If you provide them with more suitable reading options, they will be induced to stay on your website longer.

Optimize your images(Alt Tag)

Images are one of the crucial parts of your website but they can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to SEO optimization. Some plans can be easily executed to have perfectly optimized images.

Respond to comments

Answering the comments received by your readers is important and crucial as it allows you to have a growing community. Whether their comments are positive or negative, it shows that your content is deserving of their time and that they are reading it.

Avoid keyword stuffing in your content

Keywords establish the foundation of your website and your SEO strategy. If your goal is to rank good, avoid all types of keyword stuffing strategies as it can possibly damage your rankings.

Check for orphan pages in your website

As Google crawlers follow links when they crawl a website, it is important to check that all your website pages are properly attached to your website structure. Thanks to iTspell Technology the best SEO Company in Noida crossed analysis, you can detect your orphan pages and see the ones who are active and inactive and so optimize your overall structure.

There are few ways to make your website SEO-Friendly and iTspell Technologies is using those ways to provide the SEO-Friendly websites to its clients.

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